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Sunday Evenings

We currently meet at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church – 10 E Mount Vernon Place. Enter through the side of the building facing Charles Street. Plan to stay and share a meal with us directly following the service, usually around 7:00.

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John Kovacs - May 8, 2016

The Riches of Our Inheritance: Suffering For Glory's Sake

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Our God is Creative


Our vision is to illuminate our city with the Light of life- that our lives would bright reflections of our Creator.

We are artists, students, businessmen, husbands, wives and families striving to live out an authentic faith with each other and the world around us.

We recognize that many have issues with the church, so do we. But rather than avoiding this often difficult yet potentially beautiful expression of God, we are choosing to embrace it.

By recognizing our innate need for community, confronting our inclinations toward selfishness and turning to the answers that God has given to us through His son, we are being transformed by the power of the gospel.

Growing FAMILY

Just as it was God’s idea to establish the church, it is His great plan that this relationship would be one of FAMILY- SONS and DAUGHTERS of a GOOD Father. In this family, our value is defined by WHOSE we are, not WHAT we do. This is our God-given identity and it is the basis of our worth. We long to see this family grow WIDE as more discover who they are in God and DEEP as we all continue to learn what our Dad is like and who we are as His children.

Cultivating HONOR

We believe that honor is one of the most powerful ways that we AFFIRM the LOVE of God in each others’ lives. God honors each one of us through Jesus by uncovering our worth, displayed through the cost he paid to bring us back . When we choose to recognize that worth in others, we help UNCOVER God’s POTENTIAL and PURPOSE for one another.

Sacrificial GENEROSITY

We desire to reflect the generosity of our Father- who did not spare that of most value but instead GAVE His only Son on the behalf of humanity. The good news of Jesus shows us the GENEROUS HEART of God. Just as we have been recipients of His lavish love, we want to live as people with open hands- giving generously to those in need and being willing to receive, even when unexpected or unmerited.


Openness is a risky but necessary endeavor if we are going to let God and others in. Authenticity means creating space for people to CHOOSE transparency and vulnerability, for the sake of growth. It means learning to celebrate and mourn as we commit to share BOTH the BLESSINGS and the STRUGGLES with each other. It is the invitation and freedom to go deep with God and others.

Purposeful EQUIPPING

God has made each of us with a UNIQUE PURPOSE. No person or gift should be overlooked. We desire to see people passionately walking out their purpose, becoming more like Jesus in word and action. We are committed to providing opportunities for people to move from spectator to participator with God as He UNCOVERS more of who He has made each of us to be.

Passionate PRAYER 

Prayer and the activation of His will is the heartbeat of our church. It is essential to everything we do and we desire for it to be as natural and constant as breathing. We believe God is longing to engage EVERYONE in prayer through listening, hearing and speaking in conversation with Him. This is one of the privileges of being His- we have His ear and we want to give him ours as well. Through prayer we ACCESS God’s heart and we ACTIVATE His will here on earth.



God is eternally good. And in his goodness he overflowed to create heaven and earth.

His heart is to reconcile all of creation, including broken humanity, to himself.

He revealed his heart through Jesus, his only Son, by sending him to seek and to save that which was lost.

Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and in complete dependence on the Father, lived a perfect life, paid the penalty for our sin and defeated death by rising from the grave, and is now seated in victory at the right hand of the Father.

We become part of God’s family by grace through faith, apart from our own efforts, relying fully on Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.

We are empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeking truth as revealed in the Bible, the word of God.

We determine to represent him and to grow to know him and thus become more like him.


John Kovacs

Husband, artist, shepherd,teacher,chef and self-professed foodie, New Orleans Saints nut, athlete and closet musician (for starters). John is originally from New Orleans, where he still claims loyalties. It has been 10 years since he moved to Baltimore, which is now embraced as home for him and his wife Maria. He originally journeyed to Baltimore to study art- earning degrees in painting and community arts. It was during this season that God redirected His life and for the first time John surrendered his plans and existence to God. In addition to serving as pastor for the Light, John is very passionate about ministering to artists and helping equip people to use their gifts for the gospel and God’s glory.

Connect with Us

Home Groups (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)

Unique, neighborhood-based community groups. Each home group meets regularly to share food, learn and pray while living out the gospel with one another. These groups challenge us to love each other and live beyond our often isolating, selfish habits. Becoming involved in a home group is one of the best ways people at The Light can experience the kind of authentic community Christ intends for His followers.

Family Dinner

We meet every Sunday at approximately 7pm directly following service for a shared meal. Have some food…make a friend!

If you have questions or for more info about our gatherings, Please contact John Kovacs at