• ~Easter Sunday Celebration 2020~

    A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to and participated in our final service on Easter Sunday 2020! For those who weren't able to join us, the Zoom recording can be viewed at the link below.




    In addition, checkout some of the awesome contributions and order of service below - and again, thank you and blessings to our Light Church Family as we continue to seek God in this next chapter!

  • Light Welcome Video (by Jeff & Marie Sellenrick):


    Light Testimony Compilation (by Michelle Norton):


  • Worship Song 1: Grace to Grace by Hillsong United

    Verse 1

    If love endured that ancient cross
    How precious is my Savior's blood
    The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame
    The image of love upon death's frame


    Pre-Chorus 1

    If having my heart was worth the pain
    What joy could You see beyond the grave
    If love found my soul worth dying for



    How wonderful, how glorious
    My Savior's scars victorious
    My chains are gone, my debt is paid
    From death to life and grace to grace


    Verse 2

    If heaven now owns that vacant tomb
    How great is the hope that lives in You
    The passion that tore through hell like a rose
    The promise that rolled back death and its stone


    Pre-Chorus 2

    If freedom is worth the life You raised
    Oh where is my sin, where is my shame?
    If love paid it all to have my heart



    When I see that cross, I see freedom
    When I see that grave, I'll see Jesus
    And from death to life, I will sing Your praise
    In the wonder of Your grace

  • Spoken Word by John Dorsey

    The Sound of Grace


    and I used to think that

    there was some great deliberation

    Way before all of this…

    some war room briefing

    strategic planning party

    Conference room 5 minutes

    like looking at a board of chess

    and They were weighing

    and They were measuring

    and They, counting up their options

    and there was this long slow pause,


    wondering, is this the right choice?

    cost – benefit analysis

    cause and effect

    and I think

    I used to think about my sin

    and I would think about what it cost my Savior

    on that cross

    and I would think


    You must have went into this situation

    very cautiously very measured

    like You made a pros and cons list

    to help the decision-making process

    Is this kid really worth it?

    I used to think that way,


    but now I just think that You laughed

    I think that You would say,

    here is a way to save,

    and it is perfect

    and without question God, You would redeem

    without fail and You’d just laugh


    I consider that great overflow of love

    among the Father Spirit Son

    each One in perfect love.

    do you know that saying

    about perfect love casting out fears?

    so those painstaking deliberations I once thought They had, I no longer think They had,


    I think They just said ‘ey Let’s go get ’em

    I think They just laughed


    And it was probably a deep deep laugh

    a laugh of joy


    a laugh of absurdity at the situation

    At the notion that the enemy

    would have God in checkmate in anyway


    and that little giggly

    laugh of anticipation the child has before you tickle,

    that you might have when you see the setup,

    Start guessing what the punchline might be

    – get ready for it

    I think They laughed without a worry

    without a hesitation

    for God so loved the world that He gave recklessly. unless you’re in love it makes no sense

    And there’s no sense in making that move

    Unless they change and move to you first


    But this? No this was a lover’s laugh

    Stand out in the middle of the rain

    With a boom box blasting the favorite song of your love into their window laugh


    What does grace sound like?

    It’s that laugh yes, that effervescence…


    But it’s also the work.

    And I believe that, before it all, yes, They laughed

    But I wonder if the sound changed, when the Son…


    Left home?


    At the incarnation like, Dad I’ll be right back in….

    33 years…. And a cross.

    And in the grand scheme of things it just may be a moment or a flicker

    But it is the moment at the center of all moments

    The flicker into flame of the truest joy…

    All time proceeding and preceding

    The Cross section of the 4 plus dimensions

    Or 10 plus dimensions

    Or 26 plus dimensions

    To think that this perfect union of Trinity would be broken for a season for us.

    The pivotal pivot point


    What does grace sound like?

    Hearing the words I’m sorry and forgiving

    And even forgiving before those words are given.


    Like, while we were yet sinners…


    I believe They once laughed regarding the plan of our salvation…. But then there was the Garden of Gethsemane… in the Garden….



    The sound of friends sleeping when you ask them to watch and you don’t put them on blast.

    The sound of blood red sweat falling in a garden…

    Watering seeds of life

    the words if it is possible, yet… not my will, but yours be done.



    Dying for love.


    Being killed for love.


    Grace? Sounds like

    Put your swords away

    Afters whispers of betrayal,

    and restraining of the angels that could be called for vengeance but are commanded to stay home,

    hold ground, because He would be there soon.

    For My Kingdom is not of this world



    Like silent forgiveness for liars, false accusers, and thieves.

    Not a mumbling word

    Like the silence of a lamb led to slaughter

    Like the silence in the slaughter

    Like flesh torn by whips,

    Like slaps on the face

    Like sham trials

    Like being spat on

    Like going through the dying process

    Or more like… the being killed process

    Like footfalls on the way to Golgotha

    Like falling on the way to Golgotha

    Like gasping for breath

    Like bearing the Cross

    Heaven seems so far..

    So far away…

    Never farther away

    From the place of the skull

    Like the tearing of clothes

    And the beating

    Brutally, naked before a crowd

    Like the thud of a hammer on nails

    And the sound of nails into flesh

    Swallowed by the thud of hammer on nails.

    Like blood clotting

    Like strained muscles…

    Like taking the cup

    And drinking the cup

    The fullness of God’s wrath against the sin of humanity

    The absence of His presence

    Like Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani

    And like

    Into thy hands I commend my spirit

    Like the temple veil tearing

    Like the sky darkening

    And enemies laughing because they don’t get it yet.

    Like a spear in the side

    Like water and blood pouring out


    Like dead weight lifted from blood red wood.


    Like a body readied for burial.

    Remember they brought him myrrh, when He was born?

    Like myrrh preparing a body for burial.


    Like the Savior of the world being buried

    And all of the powers of darkness and death rejoicing because they think they’ve got a prisoner

    Trapped in there with them

    But that Sinless One?

    Oh it’s a whole lot more like

    You think I’m trapped in here with all of you?

    You’re all trapped in here with Me!

    Like the folly of Satan’s mistake catching up to him, the fool.


    What does grace sound like? Amazing Grace sound like?


    Like taking keys and taking back authority.

    Like the power to forgive.


    Like death linen unraveling

    Like stone on stone as stone rolled away

    Like death’s schemes unraveling

    Like darkness in the valley of the shadow of death getting all lit up by the rising Son.


    Like, I bet you didn’t see that coming?

    Gasps of disbelief and the message of



    Like He’s not here anymore.


    Like homecoming and home going


    The sound of the laughter of a carpenter,

    Eating a meal with once sleeping and fretful and denying and scattered friends

    A carpenter with

    callused hands that healed, but still have their holes

    with eyes like fire, burning with God’s heart, with echoes of perfect Union and seeds of Resurrection and righteousness, the birthing of music.


    Up from the grave He arose!

    And heaven and nature sang!


    Of freedom

    A freedom that we are free to walk in now

    Which is just a foreshadowing of ultimate freedom one day to come

    A sampling, a taste test

    First fruits of the table He is preparing for us in eternity

    Christ in you the hope of Glory

    The redemption of our bodies


    Funny bones get tickled when I think about it

    and I can’t help but produce this sound, of jubilation at the truth of the moment,

    naked, bare, and unashamed.



    Death defeated.

    The bum.


    Perfect love perfected through death and resurrection.

    Casting out all fear of embarrassment, a laugh, a guffaw, or maybe a guttural. A Holy moment.


    The feeling behind what time was made for, like the decoder ring, the commentary,

    the- so you get it now?

    and oh the Revelation But you were already laughing because of the very texture of it, getting enough of it without having the bandwidth for comprehending it all, like I need to update my hardware before I can process it or render it in 4k, but the camera was built waiting for that day

    As is creation, as are we

    Anticipation in celebration

    As we get glimpses of it now

    In the empty tomb

    what grace was won for us!


    Easter morning for we mourners.


    Jesus lives in love.

    Go do likewise.

    Make some noise

    Make some joy

    Make some grace

    It is sweet

    It is amazing.

    And through the Resurrection of Christ

    It is ours



    Copyright 2020, John Dorsey

  • Worship Song 2: Future/Past by John Mark McMillan

    Verse 1

    You hold the reins on the sun and the moon
    Like horses driven by kings
    You cover the mountains, the valleys below
    With the breadth of Your mighty wings



    All treasures of wisdom and things to be known
    Are hidden inside Your hand
    And in this fortunate turn of events
    You ask me to be Your friend
    You ask me to be Your friend



    And You,
    You are my first
    You are my last
    You are my future and my past

    Verse 2

    The constellations are swimming inside
    The breadth of Your desire
    Where could I run, where could I hide
    From Your heart's jealous fire



    You are the beginning and the end

    Worship Song 3: History Maker by Delirious

    Verse 1
    Is it true today that when people pray
    Cloudless skies will break, kings and queens will shake?
    Yes, it's true and I believe it
    I'm living for you

    Verse 2
    Is it true today that when people pray
    We'll see dead men rise, and the blind set free
    Yes, it's true and I believe it
    I'm living for you

    I'm gonna be a history maker in this land
    I'm gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind
    I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna run
    Into your arms, into your arms again

    Verse 3
    Well, it's true today that when people stand
    With the fire of God, and the truth in hand
    We'll see miracles, we'll see angels sing
    We'll see broken hearts making history
    Yes, it's true and I believe it
    We're living for you

    Worship Song 4: When You Walk Into the Room by Brian & Katie Torwalt

    Verse 1

    When You walk into the room
    Everything changes
    Darkness starts to tremble
    At the light that You bring

    And when You walk into the room
    Every heart starts burning
    And nothing matters more
    Than just to sit here at Your feet
    And worship You


    We love You
    We'll never stop
    We can't live without You, Jesus
    We love You
    And we can't get enough
    All this is for You, Jesus


    Verse 2

    When You walk into the room
    Sickness starts to vanish
    Every hopeless situation

    Ceases to exist

    And when You walk into the room
    The dead begin to rise
    'Cause there is resurrection life
    In all You do



    Come and consume, God
    All we are
    We give You permission
    Our hearts are Yours
    We want You
    We want You

    Worship Song 5: Graves Into Gardens by Brandon Lake

    Verse 1

    I searched the world
    But it couldn't fill me
    Man's empty praise and treasures that fade
    Are never enough

    Then You came along
    And put me back together
    And every desire is now satisfied
    Here in Your love (hey)



    Oh, there's nothing better than You
    There's nothing better than You
    Lord, there's nothing
    Nothing is better than You


    Verse 2

    To show You my weakness
    My failures and flaws, Lord, You've seen them all
    And You still call me friend

    'Cause the God of the mountain
    Is the God of the valley
    There's not a place Your mercy and grace
    Won't find me again


    Bridge 1

    You turn mourning to dancing
    You give beauty for ashes
    You turn shame into glory
    You're the only one who can

    Bridge 2

    You turn graves into garden
    You turn bones into armies
    You turn seas into highways
    You're the only one who can

    Worship Song 6: The Blessing by Kari Jobe

    Verse 1

    The Lord bless you
    And keep you
    Make His face shine upon you
    And be gracious to you
    The Lord turn His
    Face toward you
    And give you peace

    Amen, amen, amen
    Amen, amen, amen

    Bridge 1
    May His favor be upon you
    And a thousand generations
    And your family and your children
    And their children, and their children

    Bridge 2
    May His presence go before you
    And behind you, and beside you
    All around you, and within you
    He is with you, He is with you

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