The Light Church was birthed in October of 2007 by Pastor Roger Kim, along with a small but passionate group of young people, with a heart for artists and creatives in Baltimore City. Many in that group were practicing artists and we recognized that there was very little being done to reach this gifted and often misunderstood group of people. One thing was certain, though: God loved these people deeply and created them to know and love Him as well.


    Over the next few years, The Light focused on building community, learning how to love our neighbors and running a full time art gallery in Mt. Vernon.


    In early 2012, we found ourselves at a crossroads. The church had experienced a difficult season of transition and we were unsure about how to move forward. It took a spontaneous prayer meeting during a Super Bowl party to assure us that God was not yet finished with this church.


    Over the course of the next year, God would slowly breathe new life and purpose into our midst. This was a turning point and time of rebirth for our vision as a church. During this time, John Kovacs said, “yes” to God’s call in leading the church forward as our pastor. We didn’t have some grand plan, just a sense of how great God’s love was for us, and the desire to share that with each other and those we met.


    Since that time, a lot has changed but God has not! We still love artists and creatives, but realize that our call has grown to include many others as well.


    We are passionate about the love of God, and we are learning to live it out in every area of our world.


    We are passionate about Baltimore and what God is doing to bring healing and greater wholeness to the lives of people here.


    We are passionate about the church of Baltimore and seeing brothers and sisters united under the name of Jesus to this end.


    We are The Light Church and we hope you will join us in the journey!