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    2019 Sermon Series

    A Mini-Series on Romans 8

    Oftentimes in our daily lives, we lose sight of the fact that our walk with Jesus is not supposed to be easy. When we are uncomfortable, when things aren't as straightforward as we expected, we often try and orient ourselves in such a way that we stop walking in the faith we claim to have. But when we start to feel the challenges, when we find ourselves in tough situations, when we don't know what to do or what steps to take next - that's actually normal! The very process of faith is a process of dependency, of letting go, of losing control. Walking by faith is counterintuitive to the life that the world tries to sell us on - so what does that look like? What does life in the Spirit, a life of faith, look like?

    An Exploration of Romans

    What is righteousness? Is it following God's moral law to the letter? Is it about behavioral change and rule-following? Or is there something more? And what does it look like to live and participate in a righteous reality? What if righteousness is less about a concrete definition and application, and more about an unfolding picture of relationship as God originally intended it?


    Join us we begin a journey through the book of Romans to explore the concept of righteousness in terms of its relational nature, God's original design for humanity's relationships with himself and each other, and the way this is manifested in the sacrificial generosity of Christ.

    A Lenten Study

    As we begin this season of Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, we invite you to join us for our new series entitled "LamENT & Justice", dedicated to two distinct but intertwining themes: 1) focusing as a community on the topic of justice and its role for us as a community of believers in this broken world, and 2) engaging in and deepening our understanding of justice through the act of lamenting.

    Real Testimonies from The Light Church

    Join us as we begin our new series entitled "Sex Talks", a month-long dive headlong into the topic of sex as it relates to God's intention, the world's brokenness, and the impact that both have had on us as the Church, as Christians, and more specifically, as family here at The Light.

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